Countdown started for Atakoy-Basin Ekspres Ikitelli Metro.

Countdown started for Atakoy-Basin Ekspres Ikitelli Metro which connects the six regions. It consists of a 13.5 km line, a double tube tunnel and 12 stations, which will reduce travel time to 19.5 minutes. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbas participated in the installation work of the TBM machine which was used in the metro excavation and used giant drill at the construction work of Atakoy-Basin Ekspres Ikitelli Metro Building. It consists of a 13.5 km line, a double tube tunnel and 12 stations, which will reduce travel time to 1.9 minutes. 500 thousand passengers will be carried in a day. Kadir Topbas stated that the line, which has a capacity of carrying 500 thousand passengers per day and 45 thousand passengers per hour in one direction, will start from Atakoy Station in Marmaray and will be finished in Ikitelli Industrial Station, and said that the line will pass through 5 provinces. The line, which 2 million 660 thousand people who live in Bakirkoy, Bahcelievler, Bagcilar, Kucukcekmece and Basaksehir are interested in it, will also connect 6 important metro lines. Basaksehir - Olimpiyat Kirazli Metro Line, which Topbas stated that it will cost 338 million 272 thousand euros, is starting from Ikitelli Guney Sanayi Station and and will end at Atakoy Station, following a corridor parallel to the Basin Ekspres Connection Road linking TEM and D-100 Highway. 40 - 50 MILLION EURO PER KM It is a great power, money and courage," says Topbas, who claims that there is no ongoing construction of a 257 km metro anywhere in the world, adding that the cost of metro per km is around 40-50 million euros, excluding wagons. The tunnels of the metro line were opened by NATM and TBM methods. 4 TBM (Tunnel Excavation Machine - Mole) were used in the tunnels' excavations. Construction of 8 stations is also in progress. This line will cross with Marmaray in Atakoy, with Airport-Yenikapi Metro and Metrobus in Yenibosna, with completed Yenikapi-Sefakoy Metro in Cobancesme, with Kirazli-Halkali Metro, which its construction is continues, in Mimar Sinan Station, with Mahmutbay-Bahcesehir-Esenyurt Metro in Mehmet Akif Station, with Kirazli-Basaksehir Olimpiyat Metro in Ikitelli Sanayi Station according to the information given by Topbas, which attracted attention to the fact that when the line enters service, the Basin Ekspres Road traffic is taken to the metro system and the E-5 and TEM will relax.


And 6 lines are connected to each other in Istanbul

When completed,500,000 passengers will travel by the Atakoy-Basin Ekspres-Ikitelli Metro Line, where the TBM's (Tunnel Excavating Machines-Mole) installation program is implemented and double direction digging which Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbas started. The line, which is planned to be completed before November 2019 local elections and thus carries out the excavation of the bidirectional 4 TBM, will link many points. According to information received from the municipality, Atakoy-Basin Ekspres-Ikitelli Metro will serve approximately 2 million 500 thousand people who live in Bakirkoy, Bahcelievler, Bagcilar, Kucukcekmece and Basaksehir counties and go to these cities. The line will start from Atakoy Station connected to the Marmaray line and will finish at Ikitelli Sanayi Station. 13.4 kilometers and 12 stations will take 19.5 minutes to travel on the line. While connection with Yenikapi-Sefakoy metro from Cobancesme is established, connection will also be made with Kirazli Halkali metro which is under construction in Mimar Sinan Station. The metro line will be integrated with from Mehmet Akif Station to Mahmutbey-Bahcesehir-Esenyurt metro line, and from Ikitelli Sanayi Station to Kirazli Basaksehir Olimpiyat Metro. Stations such as Atakoy, Yenibosna, Cobancesme-Kuyumcukent, Ihlas Yuva, Dogu Sanayi, Mimar Sinan Caddesi, Hoca Ahmet Yesevi, Halkali Caddesi, Mehmet Akif, Bahariye, Masko and Ikitelli Sanayi will be located on the metro line which is aimed to reduce the density in the E-5 and TEM by taking the traffic on the Basin Ekspres to the metro system. It is planned that the travel times of the passengers will be in the form of "Atakoy-Ikitelli Sanayi 19.5, Atakoy-Basaksehir 27, Atakoy-Kirazli 30, Airport-Basaksehir 27, Mahmutbey-Yenibosna 23 minutes". TOPBAS DID WELDING Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbas participated in the installation work of the TBM machine, which was used as a giant drill used in the metro excavation, and welded it. In the TBM installation program at Cobancesme - Kuyumcukent Station, Topbas said that the Atakoy-Basin Ekspres-Ikitelli Metro Line is very important for Istanbul citizens. Prior to the details of the work carried out on the metro line, Topbas evaluated the agenda and first of all, he warned citizens about the extreme precipitation that caused material damage in the recent periods.


Atakoy-Ikitelli Metro will be opened in 2019!

Kirazli-Basaksehir-Olimpiyatkoy metro line, which is the continuation of the 5.97 kilometer long Basaksehir-Kayasehir metro will pass through 4 stations and will stop at Kayabasi station.

The Basaksehir-Kayasehir Metro Line, which will be carried out by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, was designed for 5.97 kilometers.

Basaksehir-Kayasehir metro will be constructed as the continuation of the Kirazli-Basaksehir-Olimpiyatkoy metro opened for service in 2013.

Distance between the two districts will be reduced to 4.5 minutes with Basaksehir Kayasehir metro line, which has a line length of 3 kilometers. Basaksehir Kayasehir metro line is planned to be completed in 2019. Basaksehir Kayasehir metro line stations are;

  • - Atakoy

  • - YeniBosna

  • - Cobancesme-Kuyumcukent

  • - Ihlas Yuva

  • - Dogu Sanayi

  • - Mimar Sinan

  • - Hoca Ahmet Yesevi

  • - Halkali Caddesi

  • - Mehmet Akif

  • - Bahariye

  • - Masko

  • - Ikitelli Sanayi