Operational Dimensions

The Atakoy-Ikitelli Metro Line will connect the regions on the western side of Istanbul from north to south. This line will provide connections between the Metrobus fast transit line connecting Istanbul's European side of the region from east to west, as well as between the Marmaray, Basaksehir-Kirazli and Aksaray Airport metro lines. The picture below shows the existing metro line operators and all related connections along the 13.4 kilometer metro line.

The project will provide line users with access to Ikitelli from Atakoy in 19 minutes; this journey takes about 50 minutes with the private vehicle in the current conditions. It is expected that the project will be able to significantly reduce traffic congestion, air and noise pollution and carbon emissions, and provide safer and more reliable transport services for the estimated 400,000 passengers who will travel daily.

A typical station will accommodate: 90 m long and at least 14 m wide center platforms, at least one access ladder for each platform and an emergency exit (additional access depending on the passenger capacity) and auxiliary facility at the level of the passenger collection area rooms.

List of Stations

Ataköy-İkitelli Metro Güzergâhı ve İstasyonların Konumları